Depending on your property, different selling methods might work better for you. We’ll discuss the various options with you and help you make an informed decision on which selling method is likely to provide the best outcome for you.

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Selling at Auction

An auction is an open process where buyers bid against each other to buy your property. Before the auction you will need to set a reserve price with the auctioneer. The reserve price is confidential to you.

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Selling by negotiation with or without an advertised Price

Your property will be advertised with or without an asking price – if you wish to advertise a price, this would be the lowest amount you want to be paid for your home.The sale has no time limit and anyone can make an offer at any time.

Selling by Tender

When your property is being sold by tender, prospective buyers make confidential written offers to the salesperson before a deadline. The buyers don’t know how much other buyers are offering. You consider all the offers and decide whether or not you want to accept one.

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Selling by Deadline Sale

In a deadline sale, your property is marketed for a set period with an advertised end date. You can choose to accept an offer at any point during the listing period, but you don’t have to accept any. Deadline sales do not require a property to have an advertised price.

Moving House

A guide of the things you will need to organise before moving.

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